Your Amazing Heart has received the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.  Since 2007, the annual awards recognize exemplary children’s books — as judged by expert panels of teachers, librarians, booksellers and book reviewers of all ages.

Your Amazing Heart entertains as it teaches young readers about how the food choices they make as kids will affect their heart in ten, twenty and thirty years down the road.

“As an endocrinologist,” says Dr. Edwin Lee, “I treat adult patients every day with problems they most probably could have prevented — had they received, and heeded, better medical advice as children.  To bridge that gap, Your Amazing Heart takes those secrets that adults wish someone had told them when they were kids, and presents that invaluable information in a fun and informative way.”

Because it is easier to change eating habits when you are younger, rather than older, just imagine how much better off you would be today if, as a child, you had been able to see, hear and experience how the food choices you make will affect your heart in ten, twenty and thirty years down the road.

Your Amazing Heart focuses on the three secrets to always remember for a healthy heart.  That message is then reinforced with a quiz, and — for those future cardiologists — the book concludes with a tour of the heart that features interactive animation and heart sounds.

The next book in the series will be Your Awesome Brain: Dr. Lee’s Health Secrets (Book Two).

Your Amazing Heart is available from Amazon (print and e-book) and from iTunes (e-book for iPad).

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Award-Winning “Your Amazing Heart” is First in a New Series to Address Childhood Health Concerns

Your Amazing Heart is First in a New Series

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