As one of the country’s most progressive endocrinologists, Dr. Edwin Lee is a respected proponent and authority on hormonal balance and wellness, and a leader in defining the future of regenerative and functional medicine — in his daly practice, and in his books.  As an author, he is a 2013 recipient of the Living Now Book Awards.

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Founder of IHB Publishing

Jim Huth is an award-winning writer, editor and author who worked with Dr. Lee on his books: Your Amazing Heart, Feel Good Look Younger and Your Best Investment.  His published works have earned national recognition from leading organizations such as the IP, AAF, IABC and PRSA.

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Bryan Burright is a digital artist and animator who worked with Dr. Lee on Your Amazing Heart.  His work can also be seen in award-winning entertainment such as: Avatar by James Cameron, Tintin by Steven Spielberg and Dogfights by the History Channel.

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Chief Editor

Senior Illustrator and Animator

IHB Publishing. LLC is an independent book publisher located in Orlando, Florida.  IHB primarily publishes health and wellness books for adults and children.

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