Moonbeam Award Presented to “Your Amazing Heart”

Your Amazing Heart is Now a Bestseller

On February 18, 2014, Your Amazing Heart became a bestseller on Amazon!  Recently, it received the prestigious Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.  Currently, schools around the nation are adding Your Amazing Heart to their curriculums.  And through it all, the many reasons for reading this book remain the same.

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Your Amazing Heart has received the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award.  Since 2007, this annual award honors exemplary children’s books — as judged by expert panels of teachers, librarians and book reviewers of all ages.  More...

Jini Cicero says, “Beautiful Job”

Jini “Jinifit” Cicero, well-known fitness blogger and educator, chose Your Amazing Heart as her book of the month recently by saying, “The wise among us know that to teach or explain something well, one should be able to break the subject down to a level that a child can understand.  Dr. Lee and Mr. Huth have done a beautiful job accomplishing just that.”

The National Institutes of Health, as well as the New England Journal of Medicine, have reported that for the first time in America’s history, the young people of today may have life expectancies less than their parents.  This unsettling trend is due primarily to heart disease.  Thankfully, heart disease is preventable, especially when children learn to take better care of their health while they are young.  Please tell your friends and family about Your Amazing Heart today!  More...

Michelle Mokrzewski is a teacher at West Side Middle School in Groton, Connecticut, and she was instrumental in Groton Public Schools becoming the first entire school system to add Your Amazing Heart to its curriculum.  Thank you Michelle!

Your Amazing Heart Added to Curriculum

(On February 12, 2014, Dr. Lee received this thank you from Michelle Mokrzewski.)

My STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) students love learning why exercise and nutrition are necessary for maintaining a healthy heart.  With your interactive e-book, students get to hear and see how a healthy heart pumps and supplies blood and oxygen to the body.  They also hear what a weak heart sounds like, and they want to know how they can make their hearts strong and healthy.

What you have done with Your Amazing Heart is so important for the health and wellness of our youth.  If we start the conversation now with our children, they can bring the message home to their parents, and even later on to their own children.  I would strongly recommend bringing your books into all science, physical education and health curriculums. Thank you for teaching children how to live a long and healthy life!

Michelle L. Mokrzewski

Groton Public Schools

CT STEM Teacher and Certified Administrator

Member of Groton Public Schools Health and Wellness Committee

and former NCAA Final Four Basketball Player

Beatriz Really Likes Broccoli...

Beatriz wrote from Houston, Texas to say, "I want to help as many children as possible eat more vegetables and know your 3 secrets."  She also said that she'll be donating a copy of Your Amazing Heart to her school library.  Thank you Beatriz!  Her mom shared this adorable videoMore...

After several attempts at weight loss, 14-year-old Timothy Akey Jr. of Gainesville, Florida finally shed the 40 pounds he needed to lose.  Timothy and his mom (Dr. Angeli Akey) credit Your Amazing Heart for providing the motivation and the understanding he needed to finally achieve his ideal weight.  Way to go Timothy!

Book Motivates 40-pound Loss

“Reverse this Frightening Trend,” Warns Dr. Dave

(Written by Dr. Dave Woynarowski, who is considered to be one of the world’s most well-known age-management specialists, and is featured on Dr. Dave’s Best.)

It's easier to build up a child than repair an adult.  Dr. Edwin Lee (in Your Amazing Heart) reminds us of this as he takes care to inform our most precious resources, our children, about the benefits of taking care of their hearts. With the obesity epidemic on the rise, our children's life expectancy won't even be as long as ours!  That's unheard of!  How did that happen?  More...

The Dangers of Playing Football

Traumatic brain injuries can begin in the pee wee football leagues, and become progressively worse as your child grows. You, and your child, can learn how to protect your brain in, Your Awesome Brain.

Dr. Lee on CBS Sports Radio

Dr. Edwin Lee talked about sports and Your Amazing Heart with Brian Wininger of CBS Sports Radio 810 on May 18, 2014.

Your Awesome Brain (the follow-up to the bestselling Your Amazing Heart) is now a bestseller!

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Books for Better Living Award

The Living Now Book Awards have presented Your Best Investment with a Books for Better Living award.  Since 1988, these awards have honored books that most enhance a reader’s quality of life.

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Yay, Ethan!

Thank you Ethan Shaffer for taking Your Amazing Heart to school with you at Trinity Episcopal School in Austin, Texas!  More...

Your Amazing Heart Wows Docs at AMMG

After learning about Your Amazing Heart at the 2014 Conference of Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG), doctors were saying things like: “All kids should read this book,” Dr. Michelle Pulido; “Wonderful,” Dr. Barry Sears; “Love it,” Dr. Rob Kominiarek.



Dr. Edwin Lee at the AMMG 2014 Conference (November 6-9) with: (1) Dr. Michelle Pulido; (2) Dr. Barry Sears; (3) Dr. Rob Kominiarek; (4) Dr. Rosa Kincaid;

(5) Dr. Kathryn Tarman; (6) Dr. Nathan Bryan.





They Now Understand

Dr. Anna Cabeca of St. Simons, Georgia sent in this photo of her daughter Ava reading Your Awesome Brain. Dr. Cabeca says, “I love to see the sparks in the kids’ eyes when they read it!  You can see the light bulbs turning on because they now understand.”  More...

Serious Reading

Jaeric Hererra of Debary, Florida is only four, but he loves to read Your Amazing Heart over and over. Plus, he’s making sure that his family always remembers the book’s three secrets.  More...

Your Awesome Brain received two of the first place awards in the prestigious 2015 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards. Since 2009, the annual awards have honored published authors of children's literature with a seal that is placed on the book's cover to let parents know they are giving their children the very best in reading excellence.

YAB Wins First Place (Twice!) in Purple Dragonfly Awards